Software Translator for Windows - FAQ

What does Software Translator do?
Software Translator translates other Windows-based software titles (without any influence from their source code). This means that you, for example, can buy an English word processor and instantly run it in Swedish (or Polish or Finnish etc.)

What separates a Software Translator translation from a regular translation?

An ordinary translation demands that a software developer (i.e.Microsoft) makes changes in the source code, replacing English words with German and Swedish for the German and Swedish market respectively. The disadvantages with this method are:

  • The translated version always hits the market after the original version. In someTcases, up to as much as six months can differ between the release of the initial product and the last translated version.
  • The software developer gets many source codes to entertain (as many as there are language versions), and correct.
  • The software developer must test-run many pieces of source code (as many as there are language versions), which is a very time-absorbing process.
  • The software developer must redo paragraphs 1-3 every time a new version of the software is released, which often means the work has to be redone on a yearly basis.

Is the text I write in a word processor, for instance, translated?
No! It's the general user interface that's being translated. The words in a document or the numbers in a spreadsheet are not translated.

Does Software Translator affect the performance data of the software?
No, it might take insignificantly longer to load the software, but once running no loss of performance can be measured.

Are all contents of the software translated?
In general, everything but the error messages is translated. On-line support is not considered part of the user interface, and is thereby not translated.

Can all types of software be translated with Software Translator?
All software programmed in the traditional way and somehow following Microsoft's guidelines for how programming under Windows is to be done, works fine. Up until today, only one piece of not compatible software has been found.

Does the original software have to be in English?
No, the original software can be in any language; Finnish, French or Polish, for instance. With Software Translator, an international market can be reached with a locally produced piece of software.

How does Software Translator work?
The application simultaneously translates the original software into any desired language. When the original software is about to send, for instance, "Save As" to the screen, it is translated in real time on the way there, displaying the term in the language of your choice.

How much Hard Disk space is needed?
The application with the translation dictionary is very compact. Its size varies depending on the software it is supposed to translate but never exceeds 1Mb, making it easy to send by mail or quickly download over the Internet.

What are the required specifications from my computer?
None, really. If the software that is to be translated works, so does Software Translator.

Which operating systems is Software Translator compatible with?
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista. As new Microsoft systems appear, Software Translator will be adjusted to work with them as well.

What are the big advantages with Software Translator?

  • You don't need access to the source code in order to be able to translate the software. This means that anyone (including local agents, distributors, retailers, users) can translate any software.
  • Since no changes are being made to the actual source code, no warranties or copyrights are infringed with.
  • Since the source code remains untouched, the developers can focus upon software enhancements and further production instead of bringing out different language versions.
  • Since the source code remains untouched, the software can be updated, bug-fixed, run together with applications etc., affecting neither the translation nor the stability.
  • Tests of the language version only needs to be undertaken once (test it together with Software Translator), not one version for every single language version.
  • The software coordinator of any company can standardize the original software version and still let the users work with different languages. This makes the application great for larger companies and international groups of companies.
  • The translation being made can be reused with coming versions and other applications.