SAAS Translator

The quickest, easiest and cheapest translation of a Website or a Web program can be done with SAAS translator.

No source code changes are necessary, and anybody with language skills can conduct the translation. The result can be seen directly on your computer (WYSIWYG).


SAAS Translator is installed as a plug-in for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and translates simultaneously when the web application is running.


The major advantages over traditional implementation of translation in source code on a server are that translation with SAAS Translator can easily be conducted by anybody, and that the web programs source code does not need to be changed or re-tested for quality. This entails major savings in time and cost, and makes it easy to outsource the translation project.


SAAS Translator can be used to translate pages such as Internet banking, booking sites (cars, flights, travel, etc.) CRM programs, business systems, online stores, etc).

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To change target language just click
on a pair of flags

To do a translation, click on a word
or sentence on the web page, translate
it and click on Save. Then go on to the
next word/sentence. When the whole
web page or web application has been
translated, store the dictionary file
centrally on a server so that others
can also access the translation.